Should I move quickly?

Yes, that would be our advice. Tickets may sell out. The event will take place in the Wim Sonneveld hall of the DeLaMar Theatre. In case the tickets for that hall sell out, there will be tickets available for the Mary Dresselhuys hall in the same theatre, where you can experience the live stream of the event. On the entrance tickets are no seat numbers. If you want to sit next to someone, you can look for two seats together on the evening of the event; that is, if you have tickets for the same hall. An entrance ticket costs €12. Drinks can be ordered and paid in the theatre. Bought tickets cannot be returned.

For whom is this event organised?

The event is organised for you if you live with HIV, if you have a friend, a partner, a relative or colleague who does, or if you’re just interested.

I’ve never been to an event like this. Should I go or not?

We can recommend it to you from the bottom of our hearts. Every year many people go for the first time, and virtually everybody enjoys it very much. Of course you may feel a little tense if it’s the first time that you meet so many people that live with HIV. We’re going to talk about health issues, but we’re committed to ensure that the event will be inspiring above all. You won’t get a microphone shoved in your face and
whenever we talk about HIV and medication, we’ll do so in an everyday language.

Privacy is a priority to me. What about that?

We pay close attention to that. Our photographer and our camera team only record people who are on stage. For anyone else filming or taking photographs is not permitted. We will announce that clearly at the start of the event. Of course you may meet people who know you and who don’t know about your HIV. But because they have come to the event themselves as well, you can be sure that they are at least somehow involved in the subject.

How do I get to the DeLaMar Theatre?

It’s a one-minute walk from the Leidseplein to the theatre, at Marnixstraat 402. Every five minutes a streetcar leaves from the Central Station to the Leidseplein, where it will arrive approximately thirteen minutes later. You can park your car in Q-Park Europarking, Marnixstraat 250 in Amsterdam. From there it is a ten-minute walk to the theatre.

Keep the ticket that you receive when entering the parking garage. At the cloakroom of the DeLaMar Theatre ask for the free discount pass (32% discount). When leaving the parking garage you first feed your entry ticket into the pay station, and then the discount pass. Attention: if you use your credit card when entering the parking garage, the discount does not apply.

I’ve got another question

Call or e-mail Volle Maan’s Juliette: +31 (0)20 524 60 90 or juliette@volle-maan.nl.