Positive Flame
The Power of Love in the DeLaMar Theater starts with a documentary of the Positive Flame Tour that lasts for 10 minutes. After the documentary we switch live to the Positive Flame Tour to see the last torchbearer arrive at the DeLaMar Theater. When the torchbearer walks into the theater, all other torchbearers will be on stage when the Positive Flame will be ignited.

With all torchbearers onstage we will remember the people with HIV or AIDS who have passed away. We’ll also remember those who stood up for people living with HIV and AIDS. Everyone is invited to rise. Perry Dossett (year of diagnosis 1990) will sing Sting’s Fragile.

Something Inside So Strong
After the remembrance we’ll switch to the here and now. Perry Dossett will sing Something Inside So Strong, with the torchbearers as a choir. This season, Perry will play the role of Sidney in the musical You’re the Top, about the life of composer Cole Porter, in theatres
throughout the Netherlands. At The Power of Love Perry will also sing Cole Porter’s Love for Sale. He will be accompanied on the piano by Louise van de Sande Bakhuyzen.

Three Leaders in the Field of HIV
A meaningful conversation with three people who have played an important role in the fight against HIV and AIDS from the eighties until today. Peter Staley has been one of the most prominent American AIDS activists since the beginning of the epidemic. Nobel laureate
Françoise Barré-Sinoussi discovered the HIV virus in the eighties. Timothy Brown is the only person in the world who has been cured from HIV.

Dolly Bellefleur: The Power of Love
If there is one person who could be the embodiment of The Power of Love, then it’s Dolly Bellefleur! This ‘beauty with brains’ has received the Andreas merit badge of the city of Amsterdam, for her efforts on behalf of LGBT empowerment. Dolly’s costume is especially designed for The Power of Love by Tycho Boeker, and she will be accompanied on the piano
by Kees van Zantwijk.

A Candid Conversation with Three Torch Bearers
Leo Schenk is the chief editor of hello gorgeous, the Dutch magazine about living with HIV. Fighting the stigma around HIV and promoting acceptation of people living with HIV has been Leo’s mission for more than twenty-five years. At The Power of Love Leo will have candid
conversations with three torchbearers: three very different people living with HIV in the Netherlands.

HIV in The Netherlands
In the Netherlands some 23,000 people live with HIV. We’ll watch a video, especially made for the occasion, about living with HIV in the Netherlands, about organisations that give support people who live with HIV, about the care in twenty-six HIV treatment centres and about
research that is carried out in the Netherlands on living with HIV and on HIV treatment.

Angela Groothuizen
Singer and show-host Angela Groothuizen will perform for us. In the eighties she lost several friends and acquaintances to AIDS. Angela has been engaged in the fight against HIV and AIDS for over twenty-five years and she has been an Aidsfonds ambassador since 2009: “I traveled to Africa for Aidsfonds several times. Many families there have been affected by HIV and AIDS. In Ethiopia for instance, there are more than half a million AIDS orphans. Stigma and discrimination are a huge problem in many countries. In the Netherlands it became possible to live a healthy life with HIV a long time ago. That should become reality in the rest of the world as well, and in the short term.”

Update AIDS 2018
At this summer edition of The Power of Love the most important developments that have been presented at the conference AIDS 2018 will be on our agenda – hot off the press. Three care givers will participate in the conference for us and clue us in, in an everyday language:
Wilma Brokking is HIV nurse practitioner at DC Klinieken Lairesse in Amsterdam;
Dr. Eliane Leyten is HIV physician at HMC Westeinde in The Hague;
Dr. Casper Rokx is HIV physician at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.

In Their Preparation for This Conference They Have Been Supported By:
Gerianne ter Beest, HIV nurse practitioner at Rijnstate in Arnhem and president of the Association of HIV Nurses (V&VN Verpleegkundig Consulenten Hiv);
Renee Finkenflügel, Policy Officer Medical Affairs and Care of the Dutch Association of people living with HIV;

Dr. Marc van der Valk, HIV physician AMC and DC Klinieken Lairesse in
Amsterdam and president of the Dutch Association of HIV Physicians.

Dutch research on HIV cure
We’ll watch a videoreport, made especially for the occasion, on Dutch research on HIV cure. The curing of Timothy Brown has stimulated hundreds of researchers all over the globe to focus on curing HIV. What is the contribution of the Netherlands to these studies? Some
important examples: professor Ben Berkhout made a breakthrough discovery to cut HIV with the CRISPR Cas method. Dr. Anne Wensing (UMC Utrecht) coordinates an international network in the field of stem cell transplants in HIV positive patients. Professor Hanneke Schuitemaker (Janssen Biologics Leiden) works on the development of a vaccine to prevent HIV. This vaccine might also be of value for people who carry the virus already.

We’ll Meet Again
All torchbearers will return to the stage for the finale of The Power of Love. Torchbearer Perry Dossett wil sing We’ll Meet Again, the song that became world famous thanks to Very Lynn. During that song a delegate of the international congress AIDS 2018 will once more ignite a
torch with the Positive Flame that has been burning on the stage all evening. Afterwards, the positive fire can spread over the world. The Positive Flame will burn the next day, Thursday July 26, at the congress AIDS 2018 in the RAI, in the Global Village, which is accessible free of charge. At the closing ceremony, the positive torch will be handed over to representatives of AIDS 2020 in San Francisco and Oakland.